Where am I headed Spiritually in Life?—Spiritual Chat

Understanding Relationships, Parenting, Fear and worry, Health, Resolving karma? For adults ages 18–40 only.

Where am I headed Spiritually in Life?—Spiritual Chat

Important Note: This meeting is only for adults ages 18–40

ECK Soul Adventure Spiritual Chat

Would you like to know the truth about religion, spirituality, or simply what life is all about?

Based on the book, A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 3, by Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom.

There are times in our lives when we’re faced with insurmountable challenges. We stand at a crossroads, where our choice of which road to take decides not only the course of our future, but our very survival.

In ages past, mankind could turn to a prophet whose wisdom was captured in scripture. Today, the words of those prophets may not hold the answers you’re looking for.

It is fortunate, then, that we have in our midst a modern prophet we can connect with directly for help in finding answers that work for us today.

Harold Klemp, award-winning author and spiritual leader of the worldwide teaching of Eckankar, has answered hundreds of heartfelt questions from people looking for spiritual guidance on:

  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Fear and worry
  • Health
  • Resolving karma
  • And much more…

Can’t wait for the class?

You can purchase the Kindle version or the paperback edition on Amazon. If you would like more information about what’s covered in the book, view the Table of Contents.

If you are interested in finding out how and where you fit in spiritually, please join us as we explore those questions.

You do not need to read the book to join in the spiritual discussion.
We welcome people of all faiths and walks of life. You are free to join in the discussion or listen quietly. You do not have to be a member of this Meetup group to attend. You’re also welcome to invite a friend.