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December, 2022

Welcome to Eckankar in Oklahoma!

This is The Year of the Teacher
It began October 22, and runs through October 21, 2023

ECKANKAR is "The Path of Spiritual Freedom."

...word for contemplation is appreciation...
Think about all the reasons you have to be grateful.

      Think about the gifts in your life that have come from God, from the Holy Spirit, that make this life worth living. Think about the adventures that are coming, and be grateful for the strength to meet tomorrow.

                    —Sir Harold Klemp, How the Inner Master Works,
                       Mahanta Transcripts, Book 12

The Shariyat·Ki·Sugmad on page 297 states:

The ECK is merely the most perfect degree of the human being in the spiritual sense. ...Man is in the process of development; at the end, of course, he becomes the ECK. According to this concept the ECK is an eternal becoming, not God complete in Itself.
       It continues:
...the highest life of man consists of transforming himself into the ECK. Man becomes perfect when he lives as the ECK, when he makes the journey that all ECK initiates make to arrive at the goal of God-realization, which is becoming the ECK of Itself.

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Soul Adventures are Spiritual Experiences that touch us at the very core of our being.

Below are links to the "An ECKANKAR Soul Adventure" eBooklets written by Sri Harold Klemp 1.Secrets of Divine Creativity,  All Problems Come with Answers
2.HU Your Key to Spiritual Living,  Sacred Sound—Ancient Mantra
3.Finding Your Life's Purpose,  A Journey to Self-Discovery and God-Discovery
4.The Power of Gratitude,  A Secret to Spiritual Living
5.Spiritual Stress Relief,  Techniques and Inspiration to Survive and Thrive
6.Devine Guidance,  Gifts of Intuition, Dreams, Nudges, and Signs
7.Karma and Reincarnation,  Solving the Mystery

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