Let Spirit Take Charge

Receive new insights and magnify divine love in your life.

Let Spirit Take Charge

Attend In-Person or Online

“An aspect of Spirit, even more important than the Light is the Sound.
“The Sound Current is actually the Voice of God. This Voice, the creative current from God, is like a pebble thrown into a quiet lake, causing ripples to go out. These waves must always come back to the center; it’s the returning wave that we seek.

“This is what Soul is looking for: to return to the God center, the God Consciousness.

“Look for this wave. Listen for this sound as you sing the sacred HU.”

Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul, p. 71

Connect with the most sacred part of yourself, Soul—an eternal and creative spiritual being. Receive new insights and magnify love in your life through the Light and Sound of God. Every part of this ECK Light and Sound Service—stories, discussions, music—show how the Light and Sound are part of our very being.

Experience the sacred sound of HU in a fifteen-minute spiritual exercise. It can open your heart to divine love, healing, and inner guidance.
Eckankar welcomes people of all faiths and walks of life. You’re free to take part or listen quietly.

Please invite a friend and join us.

We look forward to seeing you!
The in-person event will be at:
ECK Temple of North Texas
650 W Campbell Rd
Richardson, TX. 75080
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