Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Find inspiration to give and receive God’s love in an always-increasing measure.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

“Odd as it may seem, you had a special reason for coming into this lifetime.  It was to become a more godlike being, but most people do not realize this fact. They assume that birth is a fancy of destiny.”

―Sri Harold Klemp, Past Lives Dreams and Soul Travel, p. 17


Please join other like-minded souls, in a spiritual discussion to explore your life’s purpose.  Finding your life’s purpose can…… inspire you to give and receive God’s love in an always-increasing measure.  It can also teach you to gracefully take each step on your journey home to God. Most importantly, we will discuss ways to open your heart to divine love, by being of service to life.


Once you recognize that you are Soul, a child of God, then doors open to reach Self-Realization and then God Realization.

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