Spiritual Experiences—Have You Had One?

Explore the God Worlds Within You

Spiritual Experiences—Have You Had One?

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024, from 2:30 to 4:00pm,

at Will Rogers Event Center,

3400 NW 36th St., Oklahoma City, OK


Attendees will receive a Free book

·      Explore the topic of spiritual Experiences

·      Share your spiritual experiences

·      Try some Spiritual Exercises to increase spiritual experiences

·      Review different types of spiritual experiences.


Key to Secret Worlds

“You’re walking in a sea of experiences every moment of your life.  And some people walking around in this sea of life find miracles every day.”

—Harold Klemp  Our Spiritual Wake-up Calls, p. 11


Join us to explore some types of spiritual experiences and to learn tools to help you understand why you are blessed to have these spiritual experiences. Some experiences are given to us in the dream state, and some come in everyday day life. Everything that happens to us counts as a spiritual experience.


These experiences are being given to open ourselves to divine love and this in turn will guide us to live life to our highest potentials—Self Realization and God-Realization.