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Welcome to the Spiritual Adventure of a Lifetime!

ECKANKAR is the Path of Spiritual Freedom.

"The mission of ECKANKAR is to show an individual the way home to God through Soul Travel techniques."              —Harold Klemp,
                     The Living Word, Book 1, p. 137.

The ECK Light and Sound Service

Guidance from a Living Master

Sunday, November 11th at 11:00 a.m. in Tulsa. A facilitated, open floor discussion on this topic.

Keys to Living Spiritually in These Times

Discussion Class

Keys to Living Spiritually in These Times
Sunday, November 18th at 3:00 p.m. in Oklahoma City
Come and share in the discussion, and hear what others have learned about living in these times.
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ECK Essentials

Your Keys to Spiritual Living

Eck Essentials, Author: Harold Klemp








An Introduction to "Eck Essentials":

Welcome, spiritual traveler!

Whether you are taking your first bold steps into the God worlds of your being, or you are a seasoned traveler in the ways of ECK, these essential truths and touchstones wills serve as a ready spiritual compass.

Each precept, law, or parable, key or contemplation seed, holds a myriad of truths for Soul.

Spend some quality time with the Inner Master as you explore these pages, and he will reveal their truths—not only what lies on the page, but all between the lines and its relevance to your life today.

It's more than you think.

Visit this book every so often for new levels of insight as Soul continues to refine Its agreements with the ECK.

Listen and look within. The Mahanta is holding open the doors of Soul, so let's get started!

—Harold Klemp, pg. 1

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Some topics we explore
·Past Lives
·Soul Travel
·Eck Masters
·Light & Sound of God
·Spiritual Exercises
·Morals/Ethical Values

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