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Chanhassen, MN

Free book and information: 'Spiritual Experiences Guide-book' by Harold KlempAvailable in English only

Sri Harold Klemp, current leader of Eckankar
    Here's two quotes from a couple of his many books:

          “…One may expect dissension and discord as the usual order of business in the outer life, because it has been so for all of human history. It's the divine plan.
          “Purification of the spirit comes by trial and error. At no time has it been otherwise, except in pockets of security that will one day or other see the upending of values and order. It's a sure bet.
          “No acre of God's fields escapes the plow. The soil is worked and seeded so it may bring forth sustenance and bounty in due season.
          “So read and ponder this message.
          “Rest in the heart of God, for it is the source of all peace, love, and joy. Dwell in the supreme temple of truth. It is your privelege.”

    —Harold Klemp,
    Wisdom of the Heart, Book 3,  pages 215–216

          “We live the spiritual life beginning where we are today. We look to see the hand of Divine Spirit guiding us
toward the greater consciousness, which leads us to becoming a more direct vehicle for Spirit.”

    —Harold Klemp,
    The Loving Heart  page 53

        To learn more about the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp, click on his photograph.

Public Newsletter for October, 2016 download (includes Schedule of Events on pg2)
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October 6thth ECKANKAR in Oklahoma is hosting an introduction to the ECK teachings.
This introduction to ECK teachings is titled:
Have you had a Spiritual Experience?
You will hear detailed explanations about Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel
and you will have an opportunity to share your experiences with these and other spiritual adventures.
For more information click this link:
Have you had a Spiritual Experience?

Click the image to learn more about this upcoming ECK World Wide Seminar

HU HU - an ancient name for God

     "The Living ECK Master wants to teach people; (1) just to dream; (2) once they dream, to separate their mental distortions from an authentic inner experience; and (3) how to travel in and out of the body in full consciousness." —Harold Klemp

Hear the HU (mp3 format)



Ecknakar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God

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Videos from
Harold Klemp

Listen to Wisdom from a true spiritual Master on:

Dreams (5 min., 16 sec.)

Past Lives (4 min., 44 sec.)

Soul Travel (5 min., 18 sec.)

Conquering Fear (3 min., 47 sec.)

Health and Healing (4 min., 10 sec.)

Relationships (4 min., 12 sec.)

Eckankar's Purpose (2 min., 10 sec.)

Miracles in Your Life (3 min., 35 sec.)

Free book and information: 'Eckankar—Ancient Wisdom for Today'
                and 'Is Life a Random Walk' by Harold Klemp

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