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Here you will find information about Eckankar events and contacts within the State of Oklahoma.

ECKANKAR is the Path of Spiritual Freedom.

"The mission of ECKANKAR is to show an individual the way home to God through Soul Travel techniques."

 —Harold Klemp,
The Living Word, Book 1, p. 137.

"Key to the ECK teachings is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. He has the special ability to act as both Inner and Outer Master for ECK students. He is the prophet of ECKANKAR, given respect but not worship. He teaches the sacred name of God, HU, which lifts one spiritually into the Light and Sound of God, the ECK.

"The ECK (the Holy Spirit) purifies one of karma (sin), making it possible for him to accept the full love of God in this lifetime. Then he gains wisdom, charity, and freedom."

 —Harold Klemp,
The Living Word, Book 2, pp. 82-83

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Inner Guidance, How do we get inner guidance?

Two open discussions in the Oklahoma City area are being held this month on the 4th and 18th. These discussions are intended to be an introduction to the teachings of ECK. All are welcome to come and share their experiences, as well as ask any questions you may have regarding spiritual matters. To learn more about these Eckankar activities, please see our Oklahoma City Events page.

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We invite you to explore the many Eckankar activities in the state. There are ECK Worship Services, book discussions, and workshops. Everyone is warmly welcome to attend any of these events. To learn more about Eckankar activities, please go to our Local Events page.

The 2017 ECK Worldwide Seminar Talk

What a Wonderful Life!

The title of the talk given by Sri Harold Klemp at the 2017 ECK World Wide Seminar and is now available in Audio format. You can sign-up to listen by clicking here! Also, the Video format will be available on November 3rd. Both formats are only available through November 19th.

The new spiritual year began on October 22, 2017, titled A Year of the HU!

The spiritual focus of the seminar offered blessings and love; a vivid awareness of the wisdom
and guidance of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. The stories related by the Master gives us the the opportunity to discover how to become the awakened Soul.

This year, A Year of the HU, is the beginning of a new era
in ECKANKAR: the First of the Golden Years!

Ocean of Love!

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ECKANKAR, The Path of Spiritual Freedom ECKANKAR, the Path of Spiritual Freedom

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